Classes Offered

Currently, Prexy teaches (or co-teaches) the following classes at Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois:

Topics in African History:

Colonialism and Resistance in Southern Africa: This course traces the historical development of racism and colonialism in the Southern African region and the liberation movements that grew up in opposition to oppression and exploitation. The course covers countries ranging from the Congo to South Africa and Namibia.

Nelson Mandela and the Politics of South Africa:

This course explores the history and circumstances in which Nelson Mandela emerged as a leader. Mandela’s life is used as a window into understanding the apartheid system and how it fit into the Global context of 20th Century racism and the Cold War. This course is co-instructed with Dr. Lisa Brock.

The Future of History: Memory in Post-Apartheid South Africa:

This six credit history and humanities course largely takes place in key urban centers in South Africa. Team-taught by three Columbia faculty, the course helps students sift through hegemonic historical narratives, “official histories” and “popular memory. The course includes a comparative analysis of oral history collections as well as testimonies from the TRC Hearings, the Center of Popular Memory, visits to various cultural institutions, e.g., the District Six, Apartheid, and Hector Peterson Museums and the Sara Baartman grave site and examinations of apartheid era history text books, government documents and media reports before 1994.

Additionally, during the last forty years and at various college and secondary level institutions, Prexy has taught the following as full term courses or as stand-alone seminars:

“Nineteenth and Twentieth Century African History and Culture”
“African Liberation Movements”
“Third World Politics and Ideologies: From Ben Barka and Cabral to Lumumba and Machel”
“National Liberation Movements and Poetry in Africa,Asia and Latin America”
“Twentieth Century Revolutions”
“Twenty-One Bullets:’Race and Discrimination in the American Justice System”
“A Sociology of Black America in the Twentieth Century”
“A Comparative History of labor and Resistance in the USA and South Africa”
“Africans and African Americans in Literature, Films and Theatre”

From teaching courses to designing courses and locating texts, films, speakers, music and other resources, Prexy can help you create a learning experience that enriches and sings.